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Discover your Blue Swan Boulders Climbing Experience

At Blue Swan Boulders we redefine what it means to be part of a gym community. More than just a membership, it’s about forging connections and sharing experiences in a collective adventure.

We’ve crafted an environment where every individual is not just a member, but an integral part of a larger family of climbers and fitness enthusiasts. Our gym is a hub of collaboration and camaraderie, a sanctuary where you can challenge yourself, celebrate victories, and support fellow climbers in their pursuits.

Day Pass Rates

Explore your inner climber with a gym day pass on your next visit to Blue Swan Boulders. Climb, challenge yourself, and build strength while having a blast. This is your ticket to an unforgettable day of fitness and adventure.

$21 Per Day Pass

Gain individual entry and access to Blue Swan’s facilities for normal day use – including bouldering walls, fitness areas and locker rooms.

Savings for Students & military

Enjoy $19 day passes with proof of active student enrollment or military participation.

10-Visit Punch Pass

Build your strength and endurance while saving on individual day passes. Designed for frequent visitors looking to take their experience to another level, Punch Passes allow your to curate your climbing journey.  

Use for yourself or admit a friend using your punch card. This is another way to personalize your fitness experience to your level and availability.

$180 Per 10-PUnch Pass

Gain individual entry and access to Blue Swan’s facilities for normal day use – including bouldering walls, fitness areas and locker rooms.

Save Per-visit versus DAy Pass Rate

Compared to our day passes, punch passes allow you to save $30 on the same number of visits.

Individual Memberships

Designed for climbing at one’s own pace and provides the freedom to curate your Blue Swan Boulders experience whether working out solo or with friends.

Individual memberships are perfect for those who are ready to commit to specific fitness goals, reach new heights within the community, and take advantage of everything Blue Swan has to offer.

$70 / month + Initiation*

Gain full, unlimited access to Blue Swan Boulders’ facilities and special events – including bouldering walls, yoga sessions, climbing programs and fitness areas.

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Household Memberships

A cost-effective option offers full gym access for parents, children, or other household members, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle as a unit. The household membership encourages shared fitness experiences, creating a bonding opportunity through climbing and other activities available at the gym.

$130 / month + Initiation*

For two family members, gain full, unlimited access to Blue Swan’s facilities and special events – including bouldering walls, yoga sessions, climbing programs and fitness areas.

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*Proof of household required – Your first two household members will be charged at $130 regardless of age.  Additional members under the age of 18 added at $30/mo; 18+ years old added at $60/mo.

Student & Military Memberships

Student and military memberships are designed exclusively for students who are actively pursuing their education and active-duty military personnel and veterans. This option offers a discounted rate, acknowledging the unique circumstances students and military members often face.

We aim to support all members of your climbing community in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

$60 / month + Initiation*

In support of inclusivity and accessibility, we full, unlimited access to Blue Swan Boulders’s facilities and special events at a discounted rate.

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*Proof of active academic enrollment or military status required

*For all membership types, your account will not be charged until it is activated in the gym. Your first month’s dues will be prorated at the time of activation.

Rental Shoe Membership Add-On Package:

$30/month per member

*Includes unlimited shoe rental for one member, billed monthly with dues

Climbing Membership Referral Program

Membership Benefits

The heart of Blue Swan Boulders lies in the interactions that occur within our walls. From friendly greetings at the entrance to the shared laughter after a challenging climb, each interaction is a thread that weaves our community together. We understand that climbing is more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle. It’s about forming connections, supporting one another, and collectively reaching for new heights. So, come and be a part of a community that transcends membership. Embrace the collective spirit that defines Blue Swan, where every interaction is an opportunity to connect, inspire, and elevate each other.

Take your extraordinary journey with us, where we rise together as a united climbing family, nurturing our passions and fostering lifelong friendships.

Climbing is better together

Members, bring your friends! Any first time guests that come to climb with you get to climb for free!*

Additionally, members get 12 free guest passes per year (one per month) to share with their friends, even if they have been to the gym before. Guest passes include free rental shoes, so they’re a perfect way to introduce someone to the sport.

*First time visitor guest passes are limited to one new guest per day.


Special Community Events

The best part of climbing is the community. That’s why we host a regular series of events for the local Orlando community and travelers from around the world to get together. Our Funday Friday party series and other special events include great food, beer, and more from local vendors. We’re also home to competitions for all skill levels. Hang with us sometime!

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Take Yoga Classes at Blue Swan Boulders

Unlimited yoga classes

Your membership gets you free access to 7 days a week of yoga. Our experienced instructors have something for everyone – no matter your experience level or your goals.

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Retail discounts

Our retail store has a wide selection of merchandise for all your climbing needs – from new shoes to the perfect outfit for a day at the gym. Members enjoy a 15% discount on all retail, excluding food and beverage.

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If you’re already a member and need to update your info, or make any changes to your account, use the button below to submit a change request. 

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