Bouldering 101

Are you brand new to bouldering and wondering where to start? Bouldering 101 is an entry-level course designed to introduce new climbers to the basics of bouldering indoors. This 1-hour course will make you more aware and comfortable navigating the climbing gym while understanding the seen and unseen risks of bouldering.

Recommended experience: 0-6 months climbing

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Technique 101 

Are you newer to climbing and looking to step up your climbing technique? Technique 101 is a 1.5-hour entry-level course designed to introduce new climbers to movement techniques that advance past the scope of Bouldering 101. 

The goal of this course is to help you build upon the fundamental climbing skills introduced in Bouldering 101 and to provide you with the tools to add to your climbing toolbelt while giving feedback and advice. 

Recommended experience: 6 months+ climbing & Bouldering 101

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Private Coaching & Conditioning at Blue Swan Boulders

Training 101 

Looking to improve your climbing-specific strength? 

Training 101 is a 1.5-hour long, intermediate-level course providing you with the foundations of climbing-specific training systems and exercises to progress your climbing and break through plateaus. This course will help you understand your climbing style, our basic training philosophy, how to use climbing board systems, and drills to help you improve.

Recommended experience: 6+ months of climbing experience and Technique 101 are strongly recommended before this course.

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Climbing training programs at Blue Swan Boulders in Orlando

Tension Board 2 Clinic 

The Tension Board 2 Free Member Clinic is aimed at climbers comfortable with our Orange circuit and beyond (V2+). This 1 hour instructor-guided session will increase your familiarity with the Tension Board 2. The Tension Board 2 is a training wall with a customizable incline and LED lit holds that are connected to the Tension App. Climbers can select climbs and connect with the board to experience thousands of routes.

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Private Coaching 

Our coaches work with climbers of all ages and abilities to help them reach their individual climbing goals. Private coaching sessions will give you specific feedback and training plans to help you break through plateaus and improve your climbing.

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Take Yoga Classes at Blue Swan Boulders


We have a full schedule of yoga classes, intended to help climbers find the strength, mobility and flow needed to bring their climbing to the next level. 
Blue Swan yoga classes are included with a membership, or you can sign up for individual classes. Our experienced instructor has something for everyone – no matter your experience level or your goals.
YOga Classes

Climbing Teams 

Blue Swan Boulders offers coach-facilitated climbing teams for dedicated youth climbers of all skill levels. Our teams allow youth to develop both as climbers and humans in a safe, supportive community while training to compete on a variety of levels.

Climbing Team

Group Events 

Searching for a unique experience to share with your colleagues? Our instructors offer events for adult groups of all sizes, tailoring the experience to your needs. Climbing provides a fun and engaging opportunity to get to know yourself and those around you. 
Group Events