We’re excited for you to come and climb with us! We pride ourselves on offering a great climbing experience for everyone – whether it’s your first time or you’re a lifelong climber.

Day Use Rates

Adult ⋅ $20

Student ⋅ $18

Punch Pass ⋅ $170 / 10-day pass

Rental Shoes⋅$5

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Hours and Location

Weekdays · 9am-10pm

Weekends · 9am-9pm

We are located in the Creative Village of Downtown Orlando. Click HERE to find BSB on Google Maps.

Before your first visit

To make your check-in easy, we recommend that you do the following before your first visit:


We have 7,000 sq ft of walls for you to climb, covering a wide variety of styles and skill levels. All of our climbs are color-coded to show the difficulty, so you’ll have no problem finding something fun and challenging to try.

If you prefer a more structured introduction to climbing, check out our Bouldering 101 class


Yoga is a mediative movement practice that encourages mindfulness, mobility, and strength. Yoga at Blue Swan Boulders includes multiple classes in various styles so that we have something for every goal – whether you’re just starting your yoga journey or are already an experienced practitioner.

See yoga classes

Frequently asked Questions

What kind of climbing is available at Blue Swan Boulders?

We are a bouldering gym. Bouldering is climbing short walls without any need for ropes or specialty equipment. If a climber falls, they’ll land on mats directly under each climb. Bouldering is one of the most popular types of climbing. It provides a great entry point for those new to the sport but is still challenging no matter how long you have been climbing.

What should I wear?

Whatever makes you comfortable! We recommend anything that allows you to move freely. Traditional workout wear is common.

Is there an age limit?

Kids are often natural climbers! Blue Swan Boulders is open for all ages, but an adult must accompany any climbers under 13. Youth under 13 are also not allowed in the fitness and training areas.

Do I need any special training or equipment to start?
Not at all! The only special equipment needed for bouldering is climbing shoes. We rent shoes for those who do not have their own and have them available for sale. We pride ourselves on having climbs suitable for all skill levels, so we’ll have something for you to try.

What does my day pass get me?

Your day pass gets you full access to the climbing and fitness area for the whole day. If you want to step out for lunch and come back, go right ahead!