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Summer Day Camp at Blue Swan Boulders is all about curiosity, creativity, community and of course, climbing. In addition to developing their climbing skills through fun, energizing games, campers can also expect to develop their social-emotional and problem-solving skills in a safe, supportive environment. Summer Day Camp is a five day program that includes climbing shoe rentals and a Blue Swan Boulders summer camp t-shirt.

What to Expect? 


Physical Activity & Skill Development

Kids engage in a variety of games and climbing activities. These activities not only keep them physically active but also help them develop coordination, strength, and agility.


Social Interaction & Teamwork


Make new friends and bond over shared experiences. Through teamwork and collaboration, campers learn important social skills that will benefit them throughout life.


Adventure &


Every day brings new challenges for campers to conquer. From problem-solving to teamwork challenges, our camp fosters resilience and confidence in facing obstacles head-on.

Dates and Time

Program Date:

Weekly June 3rd-July 29th (excluding July 1st – 5th in observance of Independence Day).

Camp Schedule:

Mon-Fri 9:00am-12:00pm

Drop-Off: 8:30am – 9:00am | Pick-up: 12:00pm – 12:30pm

We provide rental shoes, a Blue Swan Boulders tie dye t-shirt, and an end of the week donut party. Please provide your camper with a water bottle and snacks. Snacks are also available for purchase.


The camp fee includes payment for one week. Campers can enroll for multiple weeks if desired, but an additional week’s registration fee will be required for each extra week.



$225 per week



$265 per week

Austin Hill Head Coach Blue Swan Summer Camp program

Austin Hill 

Head Coach

With more than a decade of experience leading youth and adults in the outdoor adventure industry, education system, and various other settings around the world, Austin joined Blue Swan as a founding team member and pioneered the Youth Team as well as other youth and adult programs at the gym. In addition to his role as Head Coach and Program Manager, Austin is a licensed mental health counselor who owns and operates his own private practice in downtown Orlando, Campfire Counseling. 

 If you have any questions about the summer camp, please email austin.hill@momentsclimbing.com


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For Any Additional Questions, Who should We Contact?

Head Coach, Austin Hill: austin.hill@momentsclimbing.com

What Age Group is This Camp For?

Summer Program are available for children between the age 9-15. 

What Does the Day-to-Day Look Like?

Campers engage in a variety of games, climbing lessons/activities, snack time, and challenges on the day-to-day basis. Campers will also tie dye a camp shirt during the week (Wednesday) that they collect on Friday.

What Is the Pricing For Summer Camp?

$225 for members, $265 for non-members. There is no additional cost of any kind related directly to summer camp. Paying for camp covers the cost of one week. Campers can be registered for as many weeks as desired but will need to pay another week’s registration fee for each additional week.

What Should Campers Bring With Them to Camp?

Campers should bring themselves, a water bottle if they have one, and any climbing shoes or gear they normally have. Gear is otherwise provided along with the price (meaning rental shoes). Campers get a chalk ball for the week and have access to some snacks as well. We also recommend that campers bring snacks money to purchase them.

What Should My Child Wear?

Kids typically dress in shorts and t-shirts. If children’s feet don’t fit our climbing shoes, wearing socks—especially ones that are higher than the shoe line—can frequently assist avoid blisters.

Is There Any Information Available Regarding Scholarship Opportunities?

 If you are interested in learning about the summer camp scholarship, please email austin.hill@momentsclimbing.com